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Total Titans: 6736
Raised Funding: $816,176.04

About Us

City of Titans™ is being produced by Missing Worlds Media™ (MWM). We are a game development studio founded in late 2012 by former players of the now defunct City of Heroes, operating entirely online. With volunteers and developers spanning more than a dozen countries around the world, we have been hard at work putting our combined decades worth of experience to establish a unique-yet-familiar MMO title.

The primary goal of Missing Worlds Media™ is to build a fully realized vibrant virtual city for the community of fans, supporters, volunteers and more to call home. In the spirit of its predecessor, City of Titans™ will be a game of comic book proportions, full of outlandish plots, wondrous powers, and the occasional secret cabal.

With a successful Kickstarter in October 2013 raising more than twice our stated goal, MWM™ jumped at the opportunity provided to us to power our game using the 4th generation Unreal Engine. Immediately setting out to provide the most versatile character creator experience as the first stage of our release, Missing Worlds Media™ is proud to provide access to both current and future backers as part of our Second Chance campaign.

Visit us on the forums for City of Titans™ to see for yourself everything we’ve been doing, or drop us a line at our contact address.